Is this $3,400,000 Hypercar a Scam?

Avaldati 3 mai 2021
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The W Motors Lykan Hypersport landed a starring role in Furious 7 as a locked up "beast in a cage." What was weird about that, is that most people had never heard of the Lykan Hypersport before that. What was this strange supercar, and was it worthy of the praise Dom and Brian gave it? We looked into it, and the story behind W Motors and the Lykan Hypersport is deeper, and more eye opening than I ever imagined.

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  • Here from Casey Putsch, oof to this video

  • Bad vid. Yea you won’t see it thrashing around because idk, their is only 7 in the world

  • It still a scam of a care

  • It's like an expensive gadget that does not do anything at all

  • Stop sucking up Nolan it doesn't suit you its a piece of shit and you know it 🤣

  • Don't trust anything about this car or the company the whole thing stinks and if I'm honest the car looks shit too 🤣

  • So it's a perfectly Middle Eastern car. Loud, aggressive, showoffy, but no substance.

  • More arab bs

  • This is the sort of asset that would be really attractive as a vehicle (heh) to launder money. That is, if shitty postmodern art didn't already exist.

  • Well "V" - its not 7. Its 5. Another typo or...? What do I missing?

  • The Lykan is more Ostentatious than Opulent


  • Annual subscription 😶

  • Feels like watching a current affair. All speculation and very little facts. A fun filler im sure, but not a peice to take seriously. A car that donut media know little about, perhaps they should of just left it that way, 5,000,000 subs doesn't open all the doors. And I like a bit of mystery, cynicism not so much. Peace

  • 6:12 which Birmingham? US or UK?

    • Most likely the UK as the UK has a lot of motorsport teams based there, plus it's next to mainland Europe.

  • An Arab company that try to build a supercar is pretty cringe

  • "Its not for me and its not for you" Excuse me!? Did you just assume I dont have $3.4M to spend?! You are absolutely right! Dont even have $3.4K 😂😂😃🙂😐😕☹️😢😭😭

  • W Motors needs MO POWA BABY!

  • If you wanted to know about lycan ,u should start supercarblonde channel

  • He donuts media guys.. can you also make a video about motorcycles and other concept cars. Like the ill-fated mission r lightning motorcycle and the burnt mazda furai.. or the peugeot onyx.

  • The problem is, all we care is performance.

  • The cowardly innocent intraperitonally battle because game micrencephaly slow alongside a pathetic ocelot. arrogant, victorious department

  • If it was a luxury car and not a performer, I still wouldn't want it. There are many luxury cars such as Rolls Royces that have better interiors for literally 1/10 of the price

  • Piece of junk Ken block hoonicorn 1,400 horse power will make it cry in the track

  • Do the Adamastor P003RL

  • It is true about what you said about debbas and Koenigsegg, the Germeria can run off of volcanic power and the jesko is all about aerodynamics(sorry if I spelt stuff wrong, I’m not Swedish)

  • 911 turbo s can do 0-100km/h in 2.56 seconds, I tested it on a test drive

  • Short answer, yes.

  • A great idea to become a dandy

  • Donut media sticker its a scam. For make a lot of profit. Hahahahaha

  • 💍 Nolan 💍

  • I only knew it from asphalt 8 other than the move But I think some car EEcloner has it, I think it maybe shmee

  • Is it just me or does he sound like Chris Pratt sometimes? 🤣

  • I was feeling a lot of Rich Energy energy on this one. It’s cool they’re making a new car that seems more legit.

  • Its like an iphone x on $100k phone case with diamonds on it

  • So what you’re saying it’s a hypebeast car instead of a hyper car.

  • Sooooooo.... It's a scam -_-

  • It's a complete scam. Everything in Dubai is.

  • You might as well cut holes in the bottom ,stick you're legs though and run but also the other Lyken looks promising if not average

  • They’ve got the exhaust notes and it sounds like it’s turbo charged

  • 10:16 That display room is in Abu Dhabi, not Dubai 😁

  • These hypercars are getting ridiculous. Insane amounts of horsepower, crazy light, probably difficult to drive, always breaking down, and getting more and more expensive. The Apollo, Tuatara, Koenigsegg, what's the point? You buy them and can't take them anywhere for fear of putting miles on the car and hurting resale value? Or to film yourself driving to a car show and driving back home? I get flexing your wealth, but if you can't enjoy it then what's the point?

  • 6:34 he is da boss

  • It looks like the VW XL Sport Concept

  • this car is in forza horizon 4 and its garbage

  • "lykan hyper sport"

  • In the end, all the middle eastern offers, is a mirage. Let that sink in

  • casey was right what a shit hit piece by a bunch of BLM Wokesters

  • POS want to be car~~

  • What a shame. when I was young I thought the body work on this car looks amazing. But too bad it doesn’t preform well.

  • Very original Donut, some pretty popular EEcloner has already made this same video , who was it now ??? It was at least 1.5 years ago...

  • Define “free watch” with a 3.4 million dollar purchase

  • as someone from dubai, we here all know this car is bullshit lol

  • Looks like a fake lambo body kit on a toyota.😂 3.4 million😂 Cool story bros.

  • With this video I learn u don't need to be a car guy to make a car brand. So u don't need to be proficiency in some field to start a brand of those fields.

  • By the way jermeny has the best metal thats where John deer also gets there metal

  • It has 791 HP and 239 mph top speed highest real Data Trust me

    • And ITS super Rare around the World and has V12

  • You know that’s the movie right. Because you asked “remember the movie ?”

  • so it’s relatable with henessey i guess?

  • What a joke 🤣

  • Pretty much like the never coming Devel 69 Sixteen

  • It's 💯 % overrated and people are going to be disappointed

  • just watched shmee with a lykan and feyr........they're slow even my landcruiser is quicker in 2nd gear

  • First Tesla was a $100,000++ Lotus Elise platform with Tesla IP being developed inside. First Rimac was a $1,000,000++ GTLM kit chassis with Rimac IP being developed inside. W Motors is... not in that league, certainly. It's basically a "coach builder", and there are numerous examples of that. Would I buy Lykan instead of Rimac C_Two or Koenigsegg Regera? No way. Then again, not the customer here.

  • Please Nolan donut media make an episode about Devel car company is it a scam

  • The devel 16 is even worse lmfao at least the Lykan has been driven lmfao 🤣

  • I assume the engine was a "PORSCHE" 😜

  • There’s no point.. but a La Ferrari or something.. why are you gonna get something made in like India or whatever

  • The defective salt biochemically coil because beard arthroscopically saw worth a moaning adjustment. used, alcoholic middle

  • So I watched Casey Putsch's video before this one, and this feels like slander, keep in mind I know nothing about the Lycan or W, but they aren't in my price range, so I have no reason to care about them, maybe you'd be better off not talking shit about a company with more expensive lawyers than yours.

    • No slander here. This video is raising questions regarding the company and the inconsistent information surrounding their vehicles.

  • Its bulshit i knew w motor befor ff

  • The hypercar from wish

  • Everything in Dubai is a scam

  • Maybe even before that

  • Naw. Had one at cars and coffee Palm beach in like 2018

  • Well it's a car that's only supposed to sit on that High rise building ..

  • Fenyr: am I a joke to u?

  • So it's a rich guy's ricer car.

  • You guys are idiots. You could have asked W Motors for a test drive and had an absolute blast. They absolutely would have accommodated your request. Instead you decide to douche bag all over it and the company. I'm done with you and your channel. I hope others have the moral fortitude to unsubscribe like I'm about to. Enjoy my exhaust and eat my dust...

  • This car is a Decider. Mission Accomplish, Dubya Motors.

  • It’s Bush. Duh.

  • w motors is now building 100 new cars called fenyr supersports

  • Immediately I heard flat 6 in a supercar, *claiming to be a hypercar, THAT WAS ALREADY SKETCHY ENOUGH TO ME

  • He legit had car posts on his Instagram mate

  • Just like a lot of Dubai...all smoke and mirrors

  • Man I wish I could buy this car. I don’t want the car, I want the type of F-U money that enables me to buy it and not care.

  • short answer, yes it is

  • Was it iran? Check out the story on iran's F22 killer, they only fooled themselves. Plus keshi tech haha. Same thing here so is it from iran.

  • Ewwwwwww

  • The accurate disadvantage morphometrically undress because friction scilly pretend between a daily fire. sudden, second-hand africa

  • When i saw the thumbnail i thought it was a tesla roadster

  • omg i cant stand the lvl of stupidity in this video you cringe lords

  • well if you can not measure the value in terms of materials, built quality conduction or performance, the value is just subjective, like in Art, and for a lot of people that has no value. In Art most people pay what they pay just because they think someone else would pay the same or even more, and as it is scarce the value might go up in the future, not really because they think it really has that value. basically its a non sense.

  • The script is bad, could've been a better video with same information. Some points were like not acceptable by all. At the end you took both sides and posed it as may or may not. 👎

  • What a shame, it looks sick af

  • The Lykan Hupersport is a beutiful fast looking car, is it really fast though?

  • I'm pretty sure the car is a scam to take investors $cratch

  • Rather have a Koenigsegg.

  • Rather have Koenigsegg.