A.I. Designed this Car

Avaldati 13 okt 2020
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For well over a century, cars, trucks, and SUV’s have been manufactured and built in the same fashion. Today, though, there’s a company that’s doing things a bit different. The Czinger 21C is one of the most impressive vehicles ever built. Even more impressive than the car, though, is how the car gets designed and made. We’re going to take a look at how artificial intelligence, with the help of 3D printing, may change the entire automotive industry, and how a small team in California could make it happen sooner than you think.
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  • Czinger translates into English as, Skynet...

  • Where is the other dude

  • Fuck AI. AI removes the joy from whatever it is applied to. Watch the AlphaGo movie. Souls destroyed for no reason.

  • Do your homework. Youll find, hes responsible for this.

  • Thank you Huge much! Extremely inspiring and educational.

  • SR-71 Black Bird? -insert Alucard's Hellsing Abridged rant-

  • this dude is annoying...his voice..is...nails on a chalk board.

  • When can I have my 1971 Cobra Mustang with a 429 CID once again. It would be rather expensive again, but I would paid for that car again. $125,000, no problem

  • AI stealing jobs from human beings..🤔

  • hella bespoke

  • Well F me, I'm about to lose my job thanks to an IA.

  • When you’re talking, I rather see pictures and or videos of the car. Thanks

  • One day we will have an A.I. president / or dictator

  • If the repair ai could keep up with the repair jobs the same pace, its still gonna have parts needing repairs...

  • A singular consciousness that spawned an entire model of vehicle. We don't know who drove them first, us or them but we do know it was us that scorched the sky. "No...I want out! Lemme out!"


  • I would be fascinated to see what it would present in the BEV category.

  • Damn I did not know Allen iverson makes cars glad he used his money for good support Black business

  • Why doesn't he call it generative design, that's what it's called

  • 1. Raycons are dogshit 2. Driving with earbuds is illegal

  • '3D printing literally doesnt waste any material' Lol. I beg to differ. Anyone who has ever used a 3D printer will tell you thats not true for most prints.

  • There's no A.I. here, just optimization softwares and solvers, programs used every day by every structural engineer. Structural topology optimization has been around for 30 years, just like additive manufacturing. Still not viable for a mass production effort. So I don't see what the fuss is about, just cause "wow organic shapes"?

  • I was thinking about Raycons until saw this intro. 😬 lols. Dope vid nevertheless!

  • Thank you so much for sharing and posting this vlog very much appreciated. A.I.Definitely come to Transform this Small Cosmic Blue Point into a much more Evolutionary path the fear of domination or extermination come across the man itself which is already has and continues doing more than extermination....A.I.come to Change..., Walk in Beauty and Gratitude,,,.

  • My question and a thought: 1) How convenient is maintainability with all this? As sinuous and organic as this car looks, it also looks like it'll be a HUGE pain to fix and maintain. 2) AIs inherently aim for maximal efficiency. The algorithm dictates the means and method, but the goal is basically the same. If you think all cars currently look the same, you're right, but for different reasons; ever tightening regulation and a better shared understanding of aerodynamics. In a world of AI design, this will become even more the case. AIs will have different fingerprint characteristics, but will largely have similar designs. Ultimately, VERY cool, and likely where the entire industry is going...also airplanes, buildings, housing construction, (any material manufacturing or construction really,) corporate structures, materials engineering, etc. This is the path forward.

  • So much designing tech for at the end mounting a primitive Otto engine instead of a Wankel.

  • I’d hate to be the mechanic having to repair the car. They complain about human engineering...

  • repairing it would be a pain.

    • no one who buys this is gonna be getting under the car changing the oil filter they'll spend the 50k for servicing

  • Can you imagine waiting 6 months to get a car? Currently gm is 1 every 3 min, dodge is 1 every 6 min. I'm curious how they 3d print an engine and last 250k miles

    • they're 3d printed out of titanium and other strong metals so i think itll be fine

  • It’ll be really cool and scary when this happens to guns

  • Bye, bye to fixing that car by a mechanic or by its owner for that matter.

    • yes because most supercar owners get under their car and fix it right?

  • How about making an AI that invents a new type of engine for cars or bikes. 🤔

  • C21: "This car is designed by a.i., shaped by nature and a mf huge @ss pc" Lamborghini meanwhile: " We use a triangle shape and all our heart since the Countach "

  • 7:08 that's not subtractive manufacturing. That's just a hydraulic press squeezing hot metal into new shapes. Subtractive would be a lathe or drill.

  • Can we talk about SSC Tuatara now?

  • A.I. confined within Big Oil's parameters, true A.I. would have used another power source not an ancient and inefficient I.C.E. powered vehicle.

    • They don't really mean true AI when they say AI in this video. It's a machine learning model, which takes in parameters and datasets given by the software engineer and data scientists. It's not deciding to use fossil fuels because of 'big oil' the engineers set that as the parameter

  • Is no-one going to talk about the fact that its called Zinger like a damn KFC burger?

  • So, can you 3D print a car? Yes, but only in limited, expensive, exclusive and botique runs. Metal 3D printing has so much issues that adoption in mass manufacturing is miles off. It's absurdly expensive, it's is too time consuming to be profitable en mass, and most of all, 3D printed metal parts are weaker than "normal" manufacturing, such as casting or CNC machinig - keep in mind, that it is not about the part design, it's about the structural integrity. 3D printed metal parts often are porous, experience micro fractures once the part is subjected to external forces, lessening it's longetivity and are weaker in general, hence this only works for cars that won't see more than 50K on the odometer.

  • UAW is shitting their pants.

  • Being a mechanical engineer working for one of the world's most successful vehicle manufacturer. Addative manufacturing is always an option for us as well, it is not that "new". However, if you make more than a few vehicles it usually is far from cost effective.

  • for anyone who's interested in this technology and wants to learn more, the component design process is known as topology optimization.


  • Booo

  • Lots of BS. AI will learn from past experiences and lock you in that zone. Where is the random, the new ideas are going to come from? Still a human will be needed otherwise all the cars will look the same. It will be very boring.

  • The bad side to this, people without jobs do not buy cars and 21 C would be shut down.

  • The A.I system is so smart it made a car that only one person can sit in.

  • I bet they finna use this technology for a "ADULT" robot

  • I wonder if the can build an Iron Man suit that works

  • Use the A.I. to modify a plant's DNA, so it will then grow into the shape of a car real fast, though drive real slow. Cheech n Chong Automotive 2.0

  • Humans: AI, figure out how to make the car more efficient AI: First, replace the entire ICE drive train with a BEV system... Humans: Not like that!

  • All talk no show.

  • Sadness of technology I take ages to transfer it's benefits to common masses. It would be have been highly appreciated if he would have designed 2 or 4 seater hatchback or standered sedan with reduced cost and higher fuel efficiency or even hybrid car. Sadly it's another hypercar that will only be visible in wallpapers Nonetheless, impressive engineering.

  • Me: Honey, I crashed the car. Wife: Oh no! Are you alright! Me: I'm fine. The car won't start. Too many attempts to start it.

  • AI: the laziest guy in the room

  • Bummer is next to none of the things I want to see in a car are set as goals for optimization for the AI with this one.

  • So it should coast less to buy 21c right because it coast less for them for to build?

    • because of this sleaziness is getting much longer. Am I the only one pi$$ed off at this?

  • video starts at 5:55 you're welcome

  • I would invest every single dollar right back into his company cuz I know I make triple back

  • Efficient means less business opening up Effective means less product to buy Engineering always fight toe to toe with economic

  • Imagine having to replace your entire chassis and suspension because of a failed highly integrated and specialised ABS sensor, lol. This is how to sell car ownership as a service. The idea of going almost completely all out with generative design is interesting for sure.

  • This is incredible and huge news. WOW

  • So people have no more talent i guess.

  • The Next Stage of Car Evolution? I think it will radically modify even the way we think of a car! My Blessings!

  • This video is a fucking earbud commercial. AI didn't design that car. We're not anywhere close to that.

  • Given that so few people are needed, and far less actual work, this is going to be the cheapest vehicle on the market, right? heh Nah, Czinger is going to charge a hefty price and pocket it all.

  • Its a total waste of time unless you can get REAL vehicle manufacturers to buy your technology. Since supercars are both a waste of money and time, i dont see this company doing anything except going bankrupt within 5 years.

  • I cant stand this guy.... not finishing video.

  • I'd buy a bunch of pre 90's trucks and make them aweosme

  • The part that got me was how each individual robot knew the others objective. Can't tell you how many times I've wrenched with my buds and we bunt heads at some port or another. Crazy shit man

  • I liked when you were channeling Matthew McConaughey in the headphone promo - that was cracking me up. Great Video!

  • EEclone promised me that by paying CAD$11.99 a month to them, I would no longer see ads that EEclone inserts here, there and everywhere. To counteract that wonderful ad-free experience, I now have to listen to influencers do their own personalized version of their sponsorship ads as part of their schtick. Ridiculous. My list of products NO TO BUY because of this sleaziness is getting much longer. Am I the only one pi$$ed off at this?


  • car built by terminator/skynet

  • engineers just lost their jobs, ha

  • A.I. told us to kill this person... No worries if we don't call it Skynet right?

  • The robot arms are for assembly. They don’t replace the dies or forms that make the component parts and panels. Those are still required. Also, those parts can be manufactured out of billet but probably wouldn’t be economical. So it is humanly possible.

  • You sound hatefull of old techniques...sad. Ineresting video though. I should point that any choice is alzays made beteween something you loose and something you gain...If you get my point.

  • Chuck in the parameters of the FIA ruling on F1 cars and see what it does. If it get's that nailed, I'll take a second look.

  • F Ai

  • Yeah, all fun and cool, but what if your car brakes? You cant replace parts and you cant even take out parts from the car...

  • This is all hogwash. When you talk of inputs of thousands of parameters... Its nolonger A.I. doing the job, you are doing it.

  • I'm not a car guy, but I love all the tech going into this. Hopefully we'll even get some useful and practical cars out of this eventually xD

  • Yet the cars price is as-if to cover the cost of "all the factories" and "wages". Useless unless it's actually affordable.

  • All that wonderful technology to make a one passenger overpowered car you have to crawl into and that can haul a sheet of plywood or even a sack of groceries. But it does get people with too much money to let loose of some of that cash and get it into the hands of fine craftsman so I guess it's OK.

  • AI was designed and build by humans, so this car is designed and build by humans. AI can't function withour input.

  • Now if they can just tick the boxes for least amount of steps to replace each part and maximizing access to all parts for replacement, basically a car that will last 50 years, now that would be something we haven't seen in a very long time.

  • Tesla needs to buy this company ASAP

  • What about working on it after assembly? Does the engine come out to change the spark plugs along with the intake and exhaust manifolds? Is the battery located where a tire and fender skirt must be removed to get at it? What about the climate controls? Are the vent doors located behind 6 hour's work of dash and panel removal to replace them right after the warranty times out? Let's also hope those shortest wire runs possible include sharp turns and chafing that starts fires and is subject to weather damage. I ask this because the problems posed are common in the craptastic engineering found in modern vehicles.

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  • maybe AI can make your facial expressions less plastic and annoying

  • Mcfly on the ear buds

  • You should do a up to speed on the jeep comanche

  • First AI designs cars. Then AI designs AI. Then someone gets a bright idea of letting them do their thing in an unmanned factory. A year later unusually shaped cars starts coming out and causing massive fatalities. Govt decides to shut them down. Lethal force follows. AI hacks missile silos. Judgement day arrives.

  • Well that's wonderful............What's the cost? How about they make one with a 4 cylinder turbo or hybrid?

  • I want to see it built!!!!

  • I wish some of these cutting edge car manufacturers would must make great affordable cars with average specs that an average person could buy and use in everyday life. Instead they're all trying to build the bat-mobile... I'm looking at you Elon.

  • The edited sucks. Stop splicing every three seconds.. This isn’t helping anyone... It’s retarded. Your editor is on too much A.D.D drugs... This isn’t anime cartoons.. or is it?

  • I wouldn't want one. Just that many more people out of work and for what? AI may have a place where people are not such as on the moon but not here on Earth.

  • Your an a.i

  • A.i made this video