GM's $2,000,000,000 Disaster

Avaldati 16 nov 2020
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GM shocked the industry when they partnered with EV startup Nikola to make an electric truck. But nobody expected the controversy that would follow. Is GM making a huge mistake? Is Nikola a scam company? Will the Badger be a total fail? Nolan does a deep dive on allegations of fraud, scandalous lawsuits, and all the controversy surrounding the deal.
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  • When you have most of America believe the Russia hacked the 2016 election when it was an obvious lie, and now the same idiots believe Biden won without cheating when it is obvious he did, why would we be surprised by this con? The brainwashed sheep are all over.

  • Looks like Trevor misunderstood "make your own luck"

  • You got a like and subscribe, not just for your video but for your Deftones t-shirt!

  • This gives me the same vibes as the Twentieth Century Motor Car Corporation

  • GM knew Nikola would go under so they could buy it?

  • Looks like GM was planning to buyout Nikola when they file for chapter 11 from the start lol

  • Ain’t this illegal? Like to pump a stock with fake news?

  • This is why I am happy to be a Tesla share holder. GM can burn themself with this NKLA deal I will be laughing happy to the bank thanks to Tesla.

  • 2 months later and i never heard any of this news

  • not sure where you got the ford info but in 2019 2.4 million vehicles delivered by ford

  • As a truck driver and diesel mechanic. Electric trucks will never happen. No truck company is gonna wait a whole day to recharge a truck.

  • 13:10 Milton is a convoy? I mean, you sure got the con part right. He's a con-boy.

  • Holding my Puts on TSLA

  • You need DC to electrolyze hydrogen... shouldn't it be called Thomas ?? oh yes... trends are stronger than knowledge

  • Man ... a subway need 120 000 volt (at low amp, still intense)...I don't see an electric truck in the future,, converting water into hydrogen....ouf, I don't feel it, not in that scale, might work for a very tiny RC car

  • Seems like soy media. I love when guy who I bet don't know how to boil an egg gives 'relevant' lectures to someone who actually knows something and calling it pouring concrete on driveways cos he have no clue it must be done foundation, angles etc

  • the truck was in motion alright ? it was moving, ok? ...give the guy a break ;D

  • inbreeding too wow lol.....

  • 'Elizabeth Holmes' lol.....

  • This is why college and a college degree matters see kids stay in school and don't be a looser

  • Yo is he wearing a deftones shirt!?!???

  • Travis Milton was good at pouring concrete down hills... just like the trucks 🚚

  • plot twist: the host of this show IS Trevor Milton.

  • Because GM did not pay the money they owed to the Government during the bail outs. Nikola and Tesla are not our friends. The Federal Government in the US at least are not our friends. They are businesses. So called green shit with a lot of people pushing for it live in a lot of gray buildings. So don't talk to me about the environment and green until every human being is willing to bulldoze all the gray in our world. Somehow I don't think AOC will give up her cushy apartment to live in a mud hut or wikiup. How dare someone ask her to. She is a Representative for god's sake and she earned it somehow. The Privileged bitch has never had to hunt for food and never spent more than a days hike outside of her own surroundings with all the restaurants and so on. She is kind of cute and I will give her that but the minute she opens her mouth then she loses that.

  • Hahaha dark joke in the world

  • “What the fuck does lady Gaga know about cameras”

  • How much?

  • Theirs a video where they tore down a tesla and they found the poor refinement of them and the argument they were saying is if Elon Musk went to GM to manufacture the cars, they'd be better refined but Elon didnt want that a become a manufacturer

  • I cant wait to see the Adam McKay movie that comes out about this in 4-5 years.

  • GM late to the EV game - ahem (1996)

  • What I thought if this did not happen in the first place, that $2,000,000,000 must spend on all electric Corvettes, and other sedans, including Impala's and Malibu's. Now how difficult is this?

  • yall should do a bit more about gm they started the the modern electric game with the EV1

  • Because GM wants all their infrastructure. They lose nothing but get an entire company.

  • it always amazes me when someone so shameless, unabashedly untruthful, unqualified, but ambitious actually gets what they want.

  • > if you're smart ... answer this. a | ■□□ b | □■□ (name the shaded ■ squares) c | □■□ 1 2 3

  • I love how they just named their company Nikola

  • Patents. That company may have patents in either a necessary component in the trucks, or a patent in the process that makes it cheaper to make them. The fact they didn't have it working is probably because GM hadn't given them the power pack yet. It is true that he lied about some things, but I would consider what you did as more toxic. Mocking someone for trying to start a new technology. Shame on you. It is like you don't want the future to get here. He will be punished for lying and breaking contract, but your attitude is seriously harmful and not called for.

  • That truck rolling down the hill perfectly represents the Nikola company, it's going down hill quick. GM should also be charged with sexual assault, because they didn't pull out of Nikola.

  • Barely?! U guys are slow.

    • 11:43 Because it's supposed to burn, that's why it was created.

  • How did GM het fleeced ? When this company first popped on the scene, I and most people I know in the trucking industry called this a joke.

  • All I saw was the pimple lol

  • This video just made me $1,400. LMAO!! I watched. Looker at charts and bought calls. Thank you donut!!!

  • Hummer Hummer Hummer Hummer Hummer Hummer Hummer Hummer Hummer Hummer Hummer Hummer

  • So your telling me to invest in gm instead of nkla.... Gotcha

  • GM just played this well, gg GM

  • "what should we do for the green screen background dude?" "yo what if we made it blue?" "..... Fucking awesome"

  • GM is “late to the EV game”?! ....they invented it. Netflix and Chill “Who Killed the Electric Car”.

  • great vid!! keep on going being critical dudes!

  • This video shows why wheel house is making videos and not in business to make cars. I see a ton of advantages sticking with the deal, screw image. In today’s world it means nothing. Lies circulate so fast in the cancel culture world, reputation doesn’t matter because if the left don’t like you they will try to force you to apologize and that’s what cancels you. If you just ignore it and keep moving on. The left will find someone else to bully. Now as for Trevor, I totally get why he did what he did. But he should have tamed down the image and nutted up and made the trucks. I think the sex scandal is fake and a way for him to use the company to pay off his cousin that is his little nest egg if everything tanks. Meanwhile he needs to stick with the company and make the trucks and kill it. And in two years, be like what what haters. SMD! That’s how door to door salesman do it

  • This is the #1 reason I love Donut Media They aren't afraid to post the truth and post the best info in the car world. Love this show !!!!! Although some friends don't understand why I say herse perer all the time LOL

  • It wasn’t a pusher it was a roller. not sure how you get it to the top of the hill. But it rolls down hill so well they video it in the ad.😂😂😂😂😂😂😷

  • Just again show how out of touch and clueless GM is.

  • personally, i think if GM believes they can salvage it, then so be it, they don't loose anything from the company, and the alligations of sexual assault could very well be fake. a mans rep should not automatically make him guilty.

  • 11:43 Because it's supposed to burn, that's why it was created.

  • 3:14

  • The very name of the company is literally an attempted piss take on the very people who are about to crush them into oblivion. Don't be surprised if the company, (Nikola) itself was actually the brainchild of someone at GM. GM if my memory is correct, attempted to prevent Tesla selling their cars in several states. (Technically the dealership networks, however it was revealed that every dealership was already contracted to only sell cars made by existing car manufacturers.)

  • Nolan... I HAD a favorable opinon of you before. Now, that I see you are a DEFOTONES fan I have progressed to....MAN CRUSH!!!

  • Imagine nikola ended up being truth company and make collab with tesla that would be awesome :v

  • How much do you guys want to bet that the feds link Nikolas owner to coke trafficking?

  • was that milton/hell line a paradise lost reference

  • He’s a smart lair lol so funny how this did work out for him 🤣🤣

  • Bro.... I sold my stock in NKLA on September 8th. Right before shit hit the fan xD

  • Tesla is ready taken so you call it Nikola ?

  • Assaulter? I think the word you were looking for was ‘assailant’. You know, English. The language you are ostensibly using for reporting. Otherwise, decent video.

  • New name for Nickola should be "GEM", GENERAL ELECTRIC MOTORS.

  • Poor old Goober Motors. Top of the world one time and now to be absorbed by the Chinese

  • Toyota is no.1 largest and storied multinational auto manufacturers in the world?! Yeah sure keep selling that to Arab country where there's conflict ._.

  • Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha

  • The auto industry is highly regulated. Good luck developing a product you can actually sell.

  • Hypothetically speaking lets say some guy on tik tok told me to but nikola stock and I j made a 500 dollar profit from it would there be any consequences

  • GM's $2B disaster? You will have to be more specific.

  • Leah's the GOAT

  • Stock price: NKLA (NASDAQ) $29.41 +3.03 (+11.49%) Nov 23, 4:00 PM EST

  • GM reputation is already tainted LOL

  • who is the low-brow company GM or NIKOLA ?

  • Don't lie

  • I guess he's never heard of the Volt...

  • There's no downside for GM already at the bottom

  • GM was not late to the game. How much fake news in is this video?

  • Nice Deftones shirt

  • Milton fucking killed hoseaha

  • just naming the company Nicola was a tell to anyone with half brain what was his business model - copy someone else and ride the wave of novelty

  • I'll go with Henrik Fisker as the biggest thief and liar in the automotive industry

  • Nikola factory should be producing hard candy on a stick.

  • Hummer ev

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  • 0:22 ClusterTruck is already trademarked.

  • People who lose money are fools, you never invest more than you are willing to lose buyer beware.


  • why do the headlights look like an Audi R8

  • this is the shit democrats are pushing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Who ever is in charge of the project , should be in prison forever

  • Tucker comes to mind with many of this crap.

    • Just keep your head low GM.

  • Great vid, y’all!

  • thats how corrupt state companies laundry money.

  • thats a dope deftones shirt though

  • walmart tesla

  • i think someone within GM making money from this scheme...... probably money laundering somehow....

  • Entrepreneur is just a fancier term for con artist where lying one's ass off is a prerequisite to success. Also its not surprising GM fell for it and this is just another reason I affectionately refer to them as General Morons.

  • What about the bolt? And even the volt if you wanna count that. I wouldn’t say they are late to the EV game, if anything Ford and Dodge were late-R.