We Tested 3 Cracked Dash HACKS

Avaldati 14 okt 2020
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Cracked Dashboards. We all hate them, but what can you do? This week on Money Pit, we’ll take a CRACK at 3 different options for fixing cracked dashboards.
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  • Idk why but I thought the flock job was worse

  • My car has a red vinyl interior, so unfortunately I don't think these methods will work on my dash. Still a good video, though! I'll keep these in mind if I ever have a car with a cracked black dash.

  • Name if song at 18:12?

  • I love the pewdiepie spinning kick part 🤣😂

    • For the miata dash, you could’ve applied some silicon and used the vinyl to add the texture. Similar to how you can repair leather seats

  • Sorry don't watch people who say by golly so cringe

  • I’ve gotten a cover lay cover and it’s amazing I think. Only problem I’ve had is if it heats up a lot the dashboard cover will bend a little

  • The dash cap from option 1 is suppose to be adhered on by epoxy or some sort of adhesive to give it the more 'flush' look. In most cases these end up looking pretty junky. And option 3 for those who don't know the SEM paint he is using is actually a vinyl dye, unlike typical paint it adheres to vinyl/leather better than spray paint and is flexible so it doesn't crack. (Not trying to be a know it all, I just do it as a job)

  • I thought his name was Job....

  • Dodge owners are crying right now

  • Jb weld it

  • A bloke I know ended up using bedliner paint and it came out schweeeeeet

  • Anyone else think the flock looks like ass?

  • The painted one looks way better in my opinion

  • 1:18 How else are cars painted?

  • Now Flock the Miata Dash.

  • I am going to flock my Viper dash I like the way yours came out. I have to fix the area where the airbag exploded.

  • i was cringing so hard watching u mix and spread filler not one of ur best skills lol

    • Trick with overlays is to get the full ones and not just a piece! Also sand down cracks so the overlay sits flush

  • Why can't you just go to a junkyard and pull a dash? That's what I did for my suburban after some moron broke it to get the radio.

    • @bocoy noiu?

    • Every car brand: wow thats cool Dodge owners: muhh truck dont need a dash. MOPARRR!

  • For the miata dash, you could’ve applied some silicon and used the vinyl to add the texture. Similar to how you can repair leather seats

  • But is Zach on Crack?

  • You should do a up to speed on the jeep comanche

  • How hard is it to clean the flock dash 🤔.

  • Its called a dash mat boys, I have spoken.

  • I wanna see more of the s14

  • Anyone else's NA transmission make constant crunchy sounds that scale with RPM?

  • I wonder how many second gen dodge owners are watching this for tips

  • You could've rhino lined/truck bed lined textured the dash then spray paint using automotive paints. I sprayed truck bed textured liner on my beige/tan heavy stained headliner. Then spray painted mat black. Looks nice & really durable. Definitely no more stains.

  • Bondo & fiberglass resin the any sheet/fleece/sheet fabric material. That's alot of flocking, Get the flock out, Flocking cool, Flock!

  • I wonder how many times the center console has been taken out of the Miata

  • There backyard has the weirdest shit in it

  • 16:35 what if you let it dry then hit it with heat gun for few seconds and texture?

  • Dash 3 looks better to me. Number 2 looks like felt.

  • Every car brand: wow thats cool Dodge owners: muhh truck dont need a dash. MOPARRR!

  • Trick with overlays is to get the full ones and not just a piece! Also sand down cracks so the overlay sits flush

  • I've never flocked a dash, but as a gay guy the muscles in my arms are toned and have excellent endurance for that exact technique needed to use that tubular fiber applicator. 💪 Hell yeah, that dual chicken choking comes in handy sometimes. $60, saved. 😎😎😎 Dash, repaired. Boyfriend, satisfied. 😸

  • Am I the only one that wants a full vid of Zach sanding to that beat 😂

  • how is the flocked dash when dust gathers on it ??

  • whats up with all those wires between the door and dash?

  • *This video was made for 2nd gen owners*

  • 💪💪💪

  • where are all my g35 drivers with a cracked dash?

  • I've always heard that armor all actually damages your dashboard overtime then just leaving it "unprotected". I think it would be pretty cool if you guys could use different vinyl treatments on old dashboards let them sit out in the Sun for an extended period of time while using the recommended treatment frequencies and see which one last longest and which ones actually worth buying, if any. This is an awesome series, keep it up! Definitely my favorite on the channel.

  • Here in Mexico, we remove the dashboard, repair it with fiberglass and upholster it with vinyl, the result is very good. the cost its like 120 bucks

  • sell me that Lotus!!!!

  • *laughs in 3rd gen doge*

  • Second gen owners be like 🧐

  • love the boys but im here for zach

  • Flock all-day.

  • 16:55 gives me Sugar Pine 7 vibes

  • I have those same raybans with gold frame and brown prescription lens. They’re nice asf.

  • That 70 Torino was absolutely gorgeous in Studebaker was incredible also but I would have had to pick that Torino. Second favorite car ever

  • Cheapest option: Slap a sticker on it

  • What about the tome stone

  • s13 owners watching this like 👁👄👁

  • 0:57 you became the very thing you swore to destroy

  • True story: My first car was a hand me down '84 Mercury Cougar. One day my dad and I are out working on it, he spots the cracked dashboard. "Your headbanger friends are banging away on the dashboard! Damn it Nino!"...."No dad it's dry rot, i swear"...."Yeah right!". 6 months later, more cracks appear..."OK maybe it was dryrot - sorry". Back then, we were just learning how bad that era of dashboards really was!

    • @seeni gzty Probably impossible to match the texture that way - not that the method they used here worked too well - but i'm guessing with great skill and luck it could

    • I wonder if you could use crackle or textured spray paint to create the texture, then top coat it with your final colors and finishes

  • Flock of seagulls

  • Was that the prototype for the shake weight? Looks like it did the job!

  • Does it work on ram

  • Whats the song at 18:12

  • :D

  • Lol the "floc fibres" definitely seem like a good way to die fast better wear a mask

  • Lmao only a fool would bother pulling their dash when the overlay looks just as good, is fastest and you don't need to pull dash

  • Yo Zack, I got an extra ignition key ring, its meant for the Z32 but maybe it'll fit your S14? Make it look more complete with the refurbished dash

  • Yo dawg, flock dat ish.

  • flock the shiz out of the miata!

  • Bro, what’s the story on the Chevy van with the Ohio plates? We need a video on this please!

  • Does the flocking turn your dash into a dust magnet? I can imagine it being a pain in the ass in the long run

  • 07-13 GM owners have entered the chat... Ohh.. It's not a plastic dash.. 😔

  • I wonder if you could use crackle or textured spray paint to create the texture, then top coat it with your final colors and finishes

  • Zach, Nolan and James are the only watchable people on this channel! So I can’t wait for the next hi lo series

  • How about a up to speed on studabaker?

  • Second gen dodge 🤣

  • I'm also working on my car! 3d model tho 😐

  • I got an Evo 7 and I wish I could be around hanging out with you guys. Love from Cyprus.

  • How would the air bag work for the passenger now?

  • SEM makes a texturizing paint you would put on top the primer if i recall correctly and then paint over it. this may not create the same texture as the miata dash but i would think it would be easier than trying to time the primer and pressing a texture into it. also you could potentially spray the texture paint all over the dash and might get a more uniform texture. (just shooting that idea out there not sure if it would work) SEM makes some of the best shit when it comes to painting vinyl and flexible surfaces.

  • I see that it fixes it pretty well but how do I prevent this from happening in the future?

  • Damn, what Raybans are those?

  • Ok for those that want to buy the flock it kit opt#2 look up flock it kit on Amazon then you'll find the yellow mini kit but if you scroll down and look for purchased together ull get the 75 $ option with the 1lb powder bag of fibers and set!

  • Hey Zach! I live in Cleveland Ohio and I just bought a 1996 Miata for $2,350. It's got 165k miles, a replaced timing belt, it's clutch is going, it's got aftermarket sway bars, coilovers, racing seats and harnesses, and a racing wheel similar to yours. It has been painted three times and the current coat was done with spray paint! I am looking to keep this car for a few summers and away from the winter and restore it to a decent condition, perhaps to the point where I could get my most of my money back and even, if possible, make a profit. I've been watching all of Donut's Miata videos and I know that all of these performance parts and improvements would increase the value of the car, however I don't have a ton of money for that. I am wondering if you have any advice for changes or recommendations for parts that I could do on the car that would increase it's resale value the most. Thanks so much man!

  • Geezus christ, I started watching this for the cars I swear to god but now I got lost into those sweet bby blue eyes :(

    • Mad sus Luis mad sus

  • Everyone: yeah ok this is neat 2nd gen dodge owner: mhm mhm✏️📝


  • Once you're done with the miata, you guys should move to working on Zack's rv.

  • this video needs a "crack" counter

  • Great video, imo you should have went with a fibreglass based filler, much less prone to shrink and a bit stronger. The flocked dash looked great, it would have came out better still with an air gun but I was impressed with the result using the cheapo hand blower. Nothing screams "tuned" or "race" car more to me than a flocked dash, great safety addition for anywhere with a lot of sunshine too.

  • You actually did not buy a letherete fix kit for like 20 dollars??.......Try visbella

  • I was thinking about this the other day as I’ve never experimented with it; but is it possible to use heat (say a soldering iron) to melt harder smooth plastics together sand them, and then paint

  • Other than the slightly high filler in the Miata dash the main reason it's so obvious is that you used a positive texture onto a positive textured surface. What you wanted as high spots are actually low spots and the "veins" of the texture are actually high spots. You can get leather look silicon moulds and do the same technique and it comes out much better. If I had the same issue I would still flock the dash as in my opinion flocked dashes are so much cooler.

  • I have the overlay in had to use books to hold down the overlay til the adhesive to cure but i live in phoenix and two summers the overlay is starting to crack damn desert

  • Obs Chevy owners😂

  • Thank you for taking one for the team. I've got a poor old S30 that's going to need some dash treatment before it's done. I'm probably looking at a combination of cap and flocking to disguise the few seams and plastic texture of the cap.

  • Stop tryna polish a turd

  • why not flock the overlay? :D

  • 2nd gen owners watching this like 🤓

  • I just replaced the dash in my truck. I pulled one out of another truck at a scrap yard for $20 and it looks better than the old one ever did

  • @9:00 You kids ready to get high!?

  • I changed the color of my door cards with SEM landau black as well. They turned out great in my opinion. However I didn’t use primer, I just scuffed them with a grey scotchbrite pad and some isopropyl alcohol, then laid the black down. Came out great.

  • To those thinking of painting your plastic, or composite material pieces such as this dude. Consider this. No matter what you do to these pieces, oil will always leave the core of the material and slowly lift to the surface. So just to let you no, no matter how much prep work you do eventually over time the paint will lift away from the surface and flake off. Not ragging on his work but in my opinion painting those materials just blows and isn't worth it in the long run.

  • “Filler is kinda what bondo is" "smells just like bondo" 🤔🤔🤔