Trucks are getting out of hand

Avaldati 7 mai 2021
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Listen, we love trucks. We love going fast. But this is getting absurd. Pickup trucks are as fast as supercars now! But how did we get to this point? We ranked of some of the fastest trucks of all-time based on 0-60 times to show you how ridiculous these machines have gotten. This is the D-list!

Check out the Up To Speed on Hennessey:

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  • Thanks to Manscaped for sponsoring today’s video! Get 20% off + shipping with the link

    • Tired of Nolan talking about shaving his balls.

    • Make an uptospeed on the honda trx 700xx

    • Do a diesel edition!

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    • Donut Media I’m guessing you don’t know the difference between fast and quick?! 😒

  • My guy trucks are so effin crazy I've been trying to tell everyone and you freaking nailed it with this countdown

  • High performance trucks are dumb. Feel free to change my mind

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  • im just peelin out now

  • You *sorta* skipped one. The 454SS had a little brother- the 1500 Sport. It was the same in pretty much every way besides having a 350 instead of the big block. I own one, and I'm restoring it back to it's former glory. 241,000 miles for farm use will really wear a truck out that was meant for the street. I'm documenting progress as I go if you want to follow my Instagram @vaders_91_chevy

  • I can't believe he didn't say anything about the Dodge Dakota 5.9 RT that truck could scoot

  • 6:56 what about the rest of the world viewers? Stones and pounds don't mean a thing to me 😂😂

  • good job done sir

  • Hennessy does not manufacturer vehicles

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  • What's up with Ford reusing the name lightning whenever they up their game?


  • Literally every country budget cars : vw polo ,feists, Autlo,kei cars Americans : Camry and trucks

  • I'm kinda surprised a Toyota is on this list. Never knew they made a fast truck.

  • not sure but that manscaped sounds a little too muck like a woke term to me. be careful or you might lose viewers with that kind of crap

  • Ford Eco boost 🤮🤮🤮

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  • WOW!!! I need that Dodge.? Or the Ford, Or the Chev.!!!

  • Agreed this is the pinnacle of ICE engines

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  • Dude hennassy totally stole dodges and fords truck style

    • But that’s respectable because they go vroom vroom more

  • You can't beat a lightweight regular cab, supercharged Coyote F-150 lol I'd soooooooooo much rather just have that lowered on really fat, sticky tires than any of these monsters. ~4,300# and 650+hp.

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  • Maybe people But never trucks !

  • Imagine an updated Syclone was made...

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  • Why doesn’t Hennessy do a Chevy truck

  • I do like the complete cluster F style of your vidz. keep it up (what's what she said)

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  • Love you guys videos always interesting and the comedy it’s awesome

  • My favorite part was the honorable mention. Something you can’t actually buy doesn’t deserve a spot.

  • Where can i buy a cyclone?

  • Its good to see that the one that started the sport truck. Came out on TOP as the finisher. 😎

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  • Plzzzz talk about the Carolina Squat. We want an up to speed on the Carolina Squat

  • Me watching this video, knowing my 1991 Sierra does 0-60mph eventually

  • its funny how many people own a truck just to feel like they are tough

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  • Imagine how funky parking lots would have looked back in the early 00s if every production vehicle was designed to have a vintage look on a newer design.

  • Stop trying to do the Top Gear paper list, it's cringy lol

  • I’m sitting in my 2.7 Tacoma with suicidal thoughts after this video. I need MO POWAA BABYY

  • Dude first video I have seen of yours and I did not stop laughing the whole time and really enjoyed the content

  • I want mammoth 1000 plz

  • What about Honda Ridgeline

  • I thought I was going to get a video about trucks but the man crap commercial just went on and on and on and I stopped it and went to watch something else. Thanks for nothing. If you have to use that crap to think you're a man you need some mental help.

  • Outside of paid reviews, Hennessey is best known for their shady business practices they've been pulling over the last couple decades.

  • This has been on my feed for like a month I never watched it I figured you were just another douche bag. But this is funny stuff. Sub.

  • On the toilet.. lol

  • I don't care if a ev is faster. It doesn't sound like my 5.7 liter hemi

    • Doesn't sound like my 5.9 Cummins either, nor pull a 30 foot toyhauler with a car inside 400 miles before I need to fill up again and it takes 10 minutes to fill the tank.

  • Are all those number’s per gallon? Lol!!

  • Lol

  • None of these time indicate that they are faster than any of the others. What you are talking about is quicker.

  • Trucks are getting out of hand ... they were outta hand YEARS ago

  • Stopping must be hell ... taking curves suicidal... haai noooo

  • What about the 2002 Dakota R/T

  • Had to unsubscribe. Trying to hard to be funny and hard to listen to.

  • Yo did I just see this dude say the N word on Key in Peele in like 2014

  • I call bullshit on that syclone 0-60. Who has one? Show me that 4 seconds.

  • 7.4liter making 255HP??? Lol thats awful.

  • Chevy went diesel that's why he left out after the 6.0

  • Where’s the Shelby F-150 :0

    • It's #2....3.45 secs

  • Not impressed with the market we have today and the fact our economy is being handed to China on a silver platter doesn’t help. Trucks selling for 80k and people selling there 300k or more 91 shit boxes for 25k

  • Where is the deisel trucks

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  • If the SSR is a truck then wouldn't any 70's El Camino be a truck too?

  • he forgot the ford saleen f150 / dodge rt / and chevy callaway

  • The lightning is back

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  • My truck is a Jon Moss Signature Editon the engine was done by Hennessy and has a supercharger on it. I don't know if that would count, but it would easily be on the list. Puts 505hp on the ground

  • Trucks > Cars

  • Damn the Mammoth 1000 is 375k

  • Dude you're so funny!😄

  • i really don't think hennessey should be on the list, whether or not he offers a 36,000 mile warranty is irrellevant it just means he managed to make a sweet deal with dodge and has money to back a warranty, it doesn't change the fact that he is not the factory producer, he is an aftermarket performance mod shop that also offers a warranty, that is hardly the definition of a car maufacturer, and by your logic any aftermarket performance shop would just have to offer a warranty and they magically become a manufacturer, its obvious that you like hennessey and from their quick post on this video and your reply it seems to prove it and show that you have an existing relationship with them, nothing wrong with that on its own, but in a review video making a large exception for them so their name and products can be used multiple times doesn't look the greatest, not to mention the bad reputation he has among some car groups, and by the admissions of ex employees and law suits to recoup money from him that reputation seem to be warranted, its not a great look.

  • So the chevy 454 SS was like a 12 year old kid in a korean convenience store with a 9mm handgun and shot the lil' red express in the head

  • Even though it wasn't a pickup truck, but for the meme he should've talked about the iron knight Volvo, but its not a production truck but funny for the meme cuz that semi is nuts

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  • You forgot the Tacoma X-Runner ... V6 supercharged pushing 304hp , 0-60 in 7 seconds ... Looks fricking dope too !!

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  • 7.4 liter for 255hp? Fuck....

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  • If folks only raced 0-60 mph and done so with unmodified trucks... IF...

  • I’m pretty sure the second gen lightning was in between 450 and 500 hp

  • They need to bring a new version of the syclone back and reclaim the throne!