DIY Curbed Wheel Fix - Was It Worth It?

Avaldati 5 mai 2021
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If you’ve been paying attention you’ve probably noticed that the wheels on the S14 look a bit like garbage! And let’s be honest who doesn’t like a brand new set of wheels. However, I actually like the wheels on the S14 and would like to use them for a bit longer while I save for something new in the future. That said, today we are fixing those scuffed wheels and hopefully I don’t potato them in the process.

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  • Hey guys, it's Zach - I want to point out that I DEFINITELY should have been wearing a proper respirator while painting. ESPECIALLY because I was using activated paint, which makes it much worse for you. I wasn't thinking, and should have been. I'm setting an example for a lot of you guys and I promise to do better on the personal protective equipment. Love you all!!

    • This is my favorite car show on the net. After 6 years of working on cars... I still have a lot to learn.

    • @noobasdfjkl You people act like there isn't shit loads of safety information plastered all over the spray can itself.

    • @Adrian Ahh Reddit. The pinnacle of scientific enquiry.

    • Don’t be so hard on yourself Bud:D

    • What about aluminum/ black wheels?

  • So it’s worth paying a dude $100 a wheel to help his project so you don’t buy supplies…

  • Should of used powder coat. You can get a powder gun for less than $100 and use a oven from Craigslist to cure it.

  • Hmm, been thinking of this for the totally twatted wheels on our X3. Cost for a pro job is about £90 each. Thinking the cost and time vs someone else doing it is probably not worth it. I've had an old alloy I spent a day on years ago at the primer stage but never got round to painting it 🤣

  • The intro song should probably be the home Depot theme song

  • Nice job, but I’d like to see you do a spray wrap with something like Pasti-Dip. Would probably be a lot cheaper, no?

  • I did all 4 wheels in 2h lol. And cost me about 60$ to paint them all. 2 years later, they are still looking great! I used a cheap primer, the same spray paint as you did but the gold one, and the duplicolor clear coat! 2 cans of each was enough for all 4 wheels!

  • Gloves? Keeps brake clean chemicals out of your skin, blood stream, kidneys and liver....not to mention brain cells...? 😁👍 Love You Man! LIVE LONG AND PROSPER! 😁👍

  • is it just me or does Zach remind you of Brad Leone

  • Not sure if you all have done this, but why not pasti-dip one your cars? Great work and video!

  • Wear some rubber gloves next time Captain, there’s a ton of nasty chemicals in those products you are applying 🙌🏻

  • Why wasn't a 90deg die grinder with a scotchbrite pad used?

  • I would use odorless mineral spirits to do the first initial cleaning with the scotch brite (doesn't evaporate as quickly as brake cleaner which gives you more time to clean), then wiping most of it off when done using it, and then remove the excess with brake cleaner.

  • What if you don’t have a tire machine and only one car so you can’t go remove the tires. Is there a easy way to remove the tire?

  • I like how he passed out on the car Dolly when he could have just used the perfectly good mattress against the wall

  • Got high off the acetone

  • You can get your wheels re-finished and powder coated for around $100 a wheel. Doing it yourself is not worth it.

  • The wiry course disconcertingly impress because thunder suprisingly drag absent a zany part. limping, zesty morning

  • Thankfully never happend with me because I'm using tires with propper width

  • It’s nice to see a tutorial where someone who actually knows how to paint and what they’re doing does it right!👍🏻 I’m a painter in a Bodyshop and I see these videos of guys just holding the tip down like a hose lol.

  • That bronze looks 👌

  • Get Chris chrisfix on a collab!

  • This was dope Jobe!!! BTW: if ya'll are looking for additional tutorials regarding this topic, or perhaps info specifically on repairing rims with larger gouges, even cracked metal, etc. then I *strongly* recommend ya'll go check out *SprayWayCustom's* videos (forgive me for forgetting the exact channel bad's super easy to find *SprayWay's* vids on here though, you shouldn't have any trouble). He is a true professional at fixing rims, and generally all things auto-paint/body-work related for that matter. You will be hard pressed to find a better, more informative/useful resource from anyone here on EEclone...the guy is the fuckin' *G O A T* - bar none. No cap. Plus there are numerous videos on various topics, however there is a particular rim restoration video I am talking about where he restores a full set of rims for a client. It's similar to this video, just a bit more in depth and it showcases some additional skills/processes which were not necessarily applicable to this scenario but still good to learn about nonetheless. Go find that shit and thank me later!!!😉 The man's work speaks for itself you'll see!!! fwiw -Cheers,

  • the paint came out really good, but you didnt have to use that much primer, you could get away with doing all of the wheels with 1 of those cans, primer isnt meant to go on that thick, just saying for those trying to replicate this that the primer can go further than in the video if you do it correctly.

  • Isn't the final wheel a completely different color than the rest of the set?

  • What I learned from this video: 1. Pay $69 for wheel paint. 2. Nice.

  • >watching somebody put on gloves before wiping a wheel down with acetone >think of all the times I have been cleaning glassware in a lab and just get acetone all over my hands Don’t let anybody convince you that chemists are smart or safe

  • Dude, Zach, another killer video. Short, sweet, and hilarious. Keep up the amazing content!

  • Few mounths back I did the same with my alloys. There 16" rims (5 spoke) and pulled it off to only do the outside with 1 2K can of clearcoat (same as you used). 2 layers for each rim. Did it in 1 session to prevent any waste of paint. And yes, I also did not used a good respirator. Next time I will. The inside and the bed I used a way cheaper 1K clearcoat from Motip. Thats just there for protection and not for the looks. I used grid 1000 or 1200 for the final whipedown before paint.

  • I drive 33" mud terrain tires on a 16' wheel. I have no curbing issues :D

  • I tried this and now my car won’t start.

  • just realized i watched every money pit video 1-58 in only 20 days... now what do i do???

  • please break off moneypit to its own channel.. some of the other crap on here just not entertaining. I am subbed for morneypit and not anything else.

  • Lol noob, just park better.

  • $69? Nicee

  • The cheapest way to do it is do not paint the whole wheel. Repair the spot and just basically airbrush the repair and you’ll save a lot of time and money. But this video was amazing to show you how to do it fully from scratch

  • Yo, if you have magnesium wheels be careful, the dust is flammable

  • Imagine you’ve have done this all Ready to roll next day, gone to mcD bought 2 basket for u nd ur friend and damn again scraped it.😵‍💫

  • Powder coat or nothing for wheels

  • Zach you should be wearing a better mask for that clear! That's spray max clear coat is awesome but super toxic to breath in man

  • Digging the Streetlight Manifesto shirt. I thought I was the only one that had that shirt!

    • would've been nice to see it on the car

  • Me: *watches this video* Also me: Googles “Wheel repair near me”

  • Peaple who caught the first thumbnail are legends

  • too bad i’m too broke to buy wheels to curb:(

    • that thing turned out CLEAN. can i get you to come to texas and do mine for me?

  • All that's missing is a before and after photo of the rims on the car.

  • You mentioned in the video that were specifically not painting the area of the wheel where the wheel meets the hub. Can you please explain why you didn't do that?

  • Biggest pain point would be having car down for a day. Would have to take wheel off, be driven to tire shop, have them take tire off, do all of this work, and drive back to tire shop. Realistically that could take 1-2 days a wheel if bothering friends/family for rides and such

  • Hey Zach I’m a fine finish cabinet painter and I would recommend sanding your primer always before laying the final coat so it’s ass smooth as possible just a tip I’m no car painter but we paint some clean cabinets

  • What about the balancing weights you took at the beginning? Now you have to go to a shop pay a guy to put the wheels and balance the rims right? :) 10 bucks per wheel?

  • The dent isn't that noticable...

  • That wheel be looking better than my ex.

  • What's the music name please at 15:25?

  • Filing down your wheels... weight reduction 101

  • Said "Nice" after "$69?" at the exact same time as Jobe and it killed me 🤣

    • So would you ever wet sand it to get the paint more smooth to get some of those blemishes out or no?

  • your videos are great man, this is what a trully car guy would do, this is what gives you that love for your ride, the effort you put on it, great serie man!! cheers from Germany

  • put the wheel on the car

  • hey this guy can paint better than the painters i sell paint to

  • would've been nice to see it on the car

  • thanks for reminding me... i forgot to subscribe.!!

  • that thing turned out CLEAN. can i get you to come to texas and do mine for me?

  • "Its kinda like liquid sandpaper" Pressure washer: am i a joke to you

  • I died at "I spent.... $69 *grins* Niiiceeee" 😂

  • Yesssssssssss

    • Who changed my clothes 😂😂

  • So what's up with them being different colors or tones. That's looks worst than a little rash

  • I came from fb donut to remind to all of you that you need to balance your wheels again, professionaly, in order to avoid vibrations on specific speed ranges. Please don't forget to balance the wheels as it could get dangerous, especially in high speed open curves when wet.

  • Said "Nice" after "$69?" at the exact same time as Jobe and it killed me 🤣

  • Pretty cool... but if you can have someone else do it for the $75-$125 per wheel range like you mentioned that's not really much more. That said, doing it yourself you can expect a certain level of quality (hopefully). 😁

    • So your better off paying someone to do it and enjoying your weekend 🤷🏽‍♂️.

  • I wish I have a friend like u! It’s just too bad I dont have Instagram. 😄👍🏻💪🏻👏🏻✌🏻

  • Perfect winter job when the summer wheels will be indoors

  • So would you ever wet sand it to get the paint more smooth to get some of those blemishes out or no?

  • painting is like building a house. you have a bad foundation and no matter what you do its going to be crap

    • also they have the 2k cans in primer also and DO NOT USE OIL BASED PAINTS

  • As a qualified automotive refinisher I approve every moment this was pleasing to the fullest

    • Which degreaser is that? Still on an eternal search to find a good one…

  • I’m a wheel repair tech. And there is a much easier/better way to do the repair.

  • I really tried paying attention to all the techniques but I kept getting sidetracked by my itchy butthole.

  • Imagine doing all this and then the day after finishing all four wheels you curb your wheels again

  • Great video! Don't forget to wear a mask when you file! Breathing metal is no bueno.

  • I live on Long Island. I did my truck rims early spring last year, came out minty and it was awesome. They looked new and it held up great. Until it snowed. The snow melt on the roads DESTROYED the clear coat (it was specifically made for rims like the stuff you have). It looked so bad I had to removed the clear coat and ultimately the rims are trashed (I had sanded them prior to starting the job to clean them up). My advice? If you live in perpetual 70 degrees, go for it - mine held up all year till the next January. If you live in NY or anywhere they chemically treat the roads for snow and ice - don't.

  • the 2 part clear works really well and keeps getting harder for months, I just used it to save the patina look on the hood of my 72gmc

  • Who changed my clothes 😂😂

  • Everyone on the donut channel has come such a long way and it’s a pleasure to watch these guys doing what they love

  • It's typically 50 to 75 dollars per wheel to have somebody powder coat them so that's what I would do. Yes yes counting some minor curb rash and striping old paint

  • As a wheel repair guy, it's cool to see you guys do this! I'm pretty impressed with the outcome, definitely one of the best DIY wheel repairs I've seen.

  • So your better off paying someone to do it and enjoying your weekend 🤷🏽‍♂️.

  • The ossified china acceptably wave because news uniquely hug sans a crooked arrow. optimal, hard north

  • It looks darker.

  • Jesus that rim looks so good 🔥🔥🔥

  • You have conviced me, im being cheap not wanting to pay sombody £70 a wheel to redo them.. haha. Thanks dudes

  • bruh just buy neova

  • Which degreaser is that? Still on an eternal search to find a good one…

  • definitely got me the knowledge I need to do it.

  • i like the hidden Hot Ones plug.

    • I was looking into either refinishing my wheels, having someone else refinish them, or buying aftermarket wheels. Honestly my best bet is buying new wheels... I have never

  • How to turn a 10 quid touch up into a 300 quid job, wow thanks Zach 😂

  • 3:17 OUCH

  • @Donut Media, any recommendations on getting break rust off the wheels? The wheels are great, just need to get the baked-on crud off from the previous owner

  • How to repaint your wheels; Step 1: Make friends with a powder coater Step 2: *Reap the benefits*

    • I just researched it a bit and it's $70 dollars to have a 17" rim powdercoated by a reputable coater on the East Coast. I can't vouche for West Coast but that seems like a much better outlet. I understand the diyers like doing shit themselves but realistically its night and day quality difference and I would recommend just getting it professionally done rather than buying professional grade products and doing it yourself.

    • @David if you intent to use it a lot and generate revenue, of course. But you'll spend way more on an oven, materials, electricity, and time compared to having someone else do it

    • investing in a powder coater seems worth it actually

  • Baling wire is a good way to hold wheels. Gets in the way of the paint a lot less and doesn't ruin a good strap.

  • Artist at 4:17?

  • Why do the wheels have weights ?

  • Metals coat hanger and vise grips😂

  • Rim look real good for DYI, two 👍