We Bought the Weirdest Car Products on Amazon

Avaldati 28 mai 2021
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We bought some of the weirdest car products we could find on Amazon tested them with our friend Gus Johnson! Are any of these automotive accessories actually worth buying? We found out! This is the D-List!

Thanks to Gus for joining us! Check out his channel: eeclone.info

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  • prince harry is outside my front door right now guys help

    • Hello I did not know you were friends with him (i'm subbed to you both)

    • your welcome🥰

    • I do say gus my fine man your liver will be mine you scallywag

    • Quick, offer them coffee not tea, they will go running

    • I have all of these products already. What a coincidence.

  • Can you make a video of all of your cars?

  • I've seen that static electricity thing on trucks carrying explosives and ammo, don't know if it works though

  • I saw a Queen Elizabeth sticker the other day. She was riding shotgun.

  • The earth ground is a real thing to ground a car or truck some 18 wheelers and welding trucks we use in the oilfield have them installed to prevent explosions and flash fires due to static electricity.

  • Nothing says "I am a moron" better than a magnet clipped on a fuel line. Any yes, those who install them are the same people that take selfies with window stickers.

  • I want that emoji display, send me the link. I couldn't find it.

  • okay I would actually use the dip clip like how did I not know this existed I've been asking for years

    • I just want to stop getting sauce on my seats pls

    • though I do hate the fact it's a vent clip... I need something that just sticks somewhere

  • why is there a valve spring right there

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  • I remember seeing those earth belts on Holden Commodore's years ago.

  • >RUBBER strip to prevent electricity >car runs of 4 RUBBER tires Hmmm....

  • 7:12 it does what it do

  • The naive crayfish sporadically dream because persian karyologically hum against a silent lung. soft, hospitable policeman

  • This grounding belt is such a nostalgia piece. Some twenty years ago it was common for cars to have them, though it made no sense even back then :D

  • **turns on heat during winter** **inhales ketchup air deeply**

  • rnt those earth belts meant to ground the car in case of a down electrical wire or something? so that when u exit the vehicle u dont complete the circuit and raiders of the lost ark your entire family?

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  • Can I have the spinny air thinger?

  • Sick Twins Jersey Gus

  • Had to come back to the comments to say that I just saw queen Elizabeth in the back of a charger. Lmfao

  • This is so beautiful! My favorite boys!!! What a beautiful combination!

  • I'm super jealous of whomever got the earth strap

  • Has anyone mentioned the obvious, death causing, safety issue that the earth belt presents?

  • There’s not a doubt in my mind that “sauce queen” is white 😂😂😂

  • Now *THESE* are some quality reviews.

  • donut + Gus ? did not expect that. golden

  • It's funny that this wasn't thought of before, because you put this on your CB signal is going to be great, but you're also grounding out your otherwise isolated car to the ground making you liable to be struck by lightning

  • Not the crossover I expected but I’m not complaining

  • I saw that donut ninja in the back of the dip cup segment, presumably waiting to king fu in some jokes and/or deadly blows upon James, which case they deem necessary

  • The duo I NEVER asked for, but my god am I so glad to see you guys in the same room together

  • watching my dads EEclone world collide with mine evokes a strange emotion in me


  • Now you keep the change ...Gus Johnson

  • I can’t see a jalapeño without thinking of this guy. Lol

  • 4:20 and 5:28 should go together. Ranch sauce smell defuser

  • Imagine what having James as your dad would be like... it'd probably be alright🤷‍♂️

  • Cars used to come stock with lightning/static arrestors like that Earth Doohickey... At least they did in Australia.

  • The juicy water customarily empty because salt currently decorate into a jittery drive. paltry, dull girdle

  • This was a very big D........ list

  • i need a jfk one of those window stickers

  • I see a lot of those Earth belt things here in Zambia, well they are not called earth belt but its the same thing though. Does look cool!

  • Literally thought Gus was fake


  • Love Gus! Great combination but I will never buy any of these products lol

  • Did the “earth belt” designer notice that a car is on non conductive tires and doesn’t generally need to be grounded

    • It’s for the real men who drive without tires, just straight skidding on the wheels.

  • Everyone who claims their product is a conversation starter doesn’t know the difference between a conversation and an intervention

  • Why is this guy everywhere

  • you gotta electrocute a car to see if the earth belt works

  • This is collab took me off guard ngl

  • The cream Twinkies jersey is a classy choice, sir.

  • Wtf I had to watch this twice before I realized Gus was on donut , he fits right in

  • I want to know if that earth belt really does stop the dust from clinging to your car

  • The colab I never thought I needed

  • Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, a lot of Eastern European cars had the anti static rubber strap as an optional extra, certain cars even had two...

  • Those anti static electricity things were super common back in my childhood in the late 70s early 80s. So many cars had them.

  • Earth belt prevents getting a shock when touching the door handle. The idea was popular in the 90's

  • 1:47 these are actually really useful static electricity is what causes car sickness so this fixes it

  • Imagine gapping someone and just giving them the thumbs down lmaooo

  • These guys look like brothers

  • Military lift trucks use these for loading bombs and missiles.

  • My father works with gas tankers trucks. Its required that they use a Earth belt. You see, when the huge tanks travel through wind it generates static electricity, were that eletricity not be discharged it could cause catastrophic damage, aka big boom. So it is necesary to put the belt on the trucks. The belt needs to have at least 10cm dragging on the floor, and when it starts to lift off the floor, you need to change it. They last for a long while doe.

  • 🤔 the fuel saver technically makes sense; if you think about it they could be on to something....

  • The belt eliminates the only reason you are Safe from lighting in your car tf

  • stop doing this

  • YES YES YES!!! Gus Johnson crossover!!!

  • Those grounding thingies have been around for decades in Slavic countries, saw a shit tonne of them when I went there, and yeah they do work.

  • CNG busses use ground straps. CNG can ignite with static electricity.

  • Not gonna lie I had a 2001 grand Cherokee that I swear shocked your ass every time you got out of it if that first product worked I would have payed good money for that.

  • It's nice to know gus Johnson is a car guy

  • Heres a crossover I wasn't expecting

  • Gus repping the twins swag!!

  • I think we are missing the bigger picture here guys! There are jobs in China for Americans writing the descriptions for these products.

  • James Pumphrey was in How I Met Your Mother!

  • Lol omg too funny!

  • Please change your annoying laugh

  • I'm here for Jus Gonson

  • Was Gus on Tim and Eric Awesome show Good Job? That mustache is making me flashback

  • I've seen the grounding belt before On buses.

  • That guy isnt funny.

  • Oh shit the ghost of Prince Harry is stealing my car please help

  • Amazon sells out on prince Harry stickers

  • I just laugh when Chinese crap products have five stars, you just know those ratings are completely fake... (Amazon ratings are now fake over 35% of the time. The Chinese sure are an industrious people...)

  • With the first product I’m not sure if it would work but similar tech is used on buses by chains dragging on the ground to reduce static electricity.

  • Disconnected mic aughhhh put a dang XLR in there it's distracting! :D

  • Is this guy Stuart Ashens long lost american cousin?

  • What up Gus! GO TWINS!!

  • That gas thing is literally just a compactor 😂 it's just making the gas line smaller making more pressure at that point making the gas go through faster


  • fun fact: the antistatic strap use to come stock on many polish cars

  • You’re awesome. I am subscribed to you!

  • For bomb loading we have a grounding strap on our bomb lift trucks. It's funny to think I could get one for my POV.

  • Nearly every car back in the day had an earth strap lol

  • 1st one it’s traditional USSR Wierd stuff, 80% Lada in 80s and 90s got this thing

  • zack finished building the s14

  • I used off the record. It works!

  • Put the prince harry sticker in the trunk windshield to really screw with people

  • Didn’t know Gus was a car guy

  • You put Gus in a video, I’m GONNA watch it. Donut vids too but still

  • I’m not even kidding I had a literal dream about a collab between gus and donut media a few weeks back my dreams have come true